Botanical Research Institute of Texas

Ft. Worth, Texas

Focused on conservation and knowledge sharing, BRIT serves as a plant information center for scientists and professionals, and an interpretation center for people wanting to learn more about the plant world.

BRIT is dedicated to supporting science and increasing its collections by discovering and documenting plant diversity both regionally and globally, and by teaching conservation science through public education.

The new BRIT building was designed to accomplish several key goals: reduce energy and water consumption, enhance indoor environmental quality, and use recyclable and renewable materials. This was achieved through daylighting, photovoltaic panels (solar energy), low-flow and low-energy fixtures, low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) materials, wool and linen furnishings, certified wood products, recycled-content steel and rubber and green label plus certified Bloomsburg carpet flooring to name a few. A beautiful Axminster weave leaf pattern in varied shades of green was spec'd by H3 Architects of NY and is made of 80/20 wool nylon fibers.

In addition, the BRIT landscape—with its native plants, vegetated walls, bioswales, living roof, and retention pond—was designed to eliminate use of potable water, reduce overall maintenance costs, curb energy consumption, extend the life of building materials, mitigate urban heat island effects, and manage onsite stormwater. But our sustainable campus means little if the people using it are personally wasteful. Therefore, BRIT’s employees and users are encouraged to model sustainable personal practices, such as recycling, composting, and water and energy conservation while on campus, but moreso instilling these practices for home and family use as well.