Alaska Center for the Performing Arts

Anchorage, Alaska (opened 1989)

Anyone of the patrons, during one of the 4.6 million visits in the last 23 years, who have walked the large 25,000 sqf lobbies of this $35 million dollar venue will tell you that the bright poppy design carpets are something to behold. Designed by local artist Nancy Taylor Stonington, the brightly colored Artic Poppies design was chosen to bring to mind the sunny Alaskan summers, even during the darkest winter months.

The aximinster carpet was chosen as the perfect long wearing, colorfast carpet for the high-traffic commercial location for its easy to clean cut pile and its inability to delaminate from the backing due to the durable nature of the axminster weave's interlocking construction.

The Artic Poppies carpeting is located throughout the Center including:

Lorene Harrison Lobby
This lofty lobby enjoys views out of the ceiling height windows, and park like feeling amidst forest green columns, with the plush poppy commercial carpeting leading to the 2000 seat 3-level,  Evangeline Atwood Concert Hall.

Anchorage Daily News Lobby
Is floored with bright sunny axminster carpets lead you to the cozy 2 level 300 seat Sydney Laurence Theatre, named for the foremost painter of Alaskan landscapes.

Carr-Gottstein Lobby
On the ground level of the Alaska Center for Performing Arts is a large reception area for patrons to gather during performances in either the Discovery Theatre or Voth Hall and is home to the Carr Family Patron's Lounge where generous donors can gather and network or just relax away from crowds at the bar during intermissions.