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Bloomsburg Carpet Industries, is dedicated to producing beautifully styled high-end carpets of superior design and luxurious quality.

We are committed to the time-honored techniques of carpet weaving to maintain the durability, beautiful design, and rich elegance that these time tested manufacturing methods create in each of our finished woven carpets.

Our employees are passionate about the tradition of quality American manufacturing and are committed to keeping the long history of carpet weaving alive and thriving in the U.S.A.  We not only believe in providing our customers with eco-friendly green-label carpets, but we stand behind each of our environmentally responsible products made of 100% wool or low impact, recycled nylon fibers.  Bloomsburg employees continue to design with their families' futures in mind, producing luxurious carpets using sustainable materials, preserving the resources of this world for each generation to come.

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Welcome to
Bloomsburg Carpet

Keeping the art and tradition of carpet design and weaving alive in the USA for over 35 years.  Our finger is on the heart of America's History, and the pulse of a generation who expects sustainability as well as comfortable luxury.

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A World-Class Design

Bloomsburg's designer carpets for the A & D community. Carpet is only one part of a total project supporting the overall vision of our customer.  Our designers do just that, provide the outlet for your end-product, not ours.

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The Leader in Luxurious
Residential Flooring

Bloomsburg Carpet's high-end, in-stock residential division.  Our customer looks for quality, well made products manufactured in the U.S.A. Silver Creek Carpets are just that, family friendly and beautifully designed luxury flooring.

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